PCT Humanity At Kenya (Africa) - 19 April 2020

PCT Humanity At Hari Nagar New Delhi - 8 April 2020

PCT Humanity At Jammu & Kashmir - 4 April 2020

PCT Humanity At Dhanas, Chandigarh - 2 April 2020

PCT Humanity At Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India. - 1 April 2020

PCT Humanity At Phagwara Punjab - 31 March 2020

PCT Humanity At Punjab - 29 March 2020

PCT Humanity At Dubai (UAE) - 26 March 2020

PCT Humanity At (Kirbi Place) Delhi Cantt - 15 March 2020

The whole world today is fighting this deadly disease COVID 19 (Corona Virus), Lakhs of people are affected and many lives have bid adieu. Research and various efforts are being carried out to find a vaccine that can cure this disease. But this is no time to panic and as responsible citizens, we should be doing our bit to fight this global health crisis.

The best way to fight it out is to maintain social distancing and avoiding all social gatherings. Wash your hands properly at regular intervals. Wear a mask when you move out for emergencies. Eat healthily! If you experience any symptoms of fever, dry cough, headache, body ache please consult the doctor. Don’t fear but be careful.

Together we can fight this out! And we are carrying out various programs to help the people in need be it by distributing food, rations, hygiene kits and also bringing awareness in people’s minds. As of today the right knowledge is a must and the safety measures to avoid being infected. Our volunteers are continuously moving out with a promise to save Humanity across the globe.

Stay Home Stay Safe!
Save Lives Save Humanity!